Surgical Procedures

Wycliff Animal Clinic prides itself on using the most current surgical and anesthetic protocols. We as a hospital are able to perform some of the most common procedures such as spay, neuters, and dentals. We are also equipped to perform more intricate and complicated procedures, All while utilizing our registered technicians trained in surgical monitoring and anesthetic protocols.


For some Electrocautery Surgery might be a better option than a more traditional surgical procedure. In our continuing efforts to provide you and your pet with the best and most advanced veterinary care, we perform electrocautery surgery when possible.

Electrocautery utilizes a high frequency electrical current to generate intense and localized heat at the surgical sight. This heat is capable of dissecting tissue with clean precision and has the added benefit of excellent bleeding control that allows for the reduced risk of hemorrhaging.

Benefits Include:

  • Less Pain
  • Less Bleeding
  • Less Swelling
  • Faster recovery time


Or Cryosurgical Device is just another tool/service that Wycliff Animal Clinic provides for its patients. The Cryopen is a medical device used to remove skin growths and tumors by freezing them with a very precise fine stream of liquid nitrogen.

Treatment is quick effective and mostly painless. In most cases it does not require anesthesia making this treatment a safe outpatient procedure for removing skin lesions.